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AMRITA SHER GIL – An exceptional colourist. Called India’s Frida Kahlo, she was a female painter who played an important role in 20th century India. She was born in Budapest, Hungary to Umrao Singh Shergil, a Sikh aristocrat and his Jewish Hungarian wife, Marie Antoniette Gottesmann. She began painting by herself as a five year old. She was very much influenced by the Pahari and miniature schools of painting.

BIJAY BISWAAL – When the train ticket inspector it’s an amazing painter. A self trained artist born in 1964 in Odisha, currently working for Indian railways in Nagpur. He have been painting since childhood. His works are regularly selected in national level art contests, and sometimes awarded too. Though, acrylic and watercolor are his favorite media, but he also work in oil, pastel, charcoal, and paper collage. He is deeply influenced by nature, where stone and water roots twisted trunks fascinate he all the time.

POONAM CHANDRIKA TYAGI – Shattering all boundaries and female confines. She lends her subjects interesting lines achieving curvy forms, lusty eyes and pleasured expressions, which are a huge departure from all the societal norms for feminity. She speak a variety of emotions. The non-verbal communication she establishes through her subjects is downright bold and interesting. Her women are many things but not demure.

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