poem.1DIET BUSINESS – Poetry by Terezia Kontova

Today I am eating spinach, tomorrow I am eating spinach and your smile, on Monday I am eating spinach or your smile. This is how I reduce my kilograms. Anyhow, if you are too fatty, please, look at me, and I will reduce your kilograms too, by kissing you, by hugging you, by loving you. This the diet I worked out on my own.How many dollars will you offer me to perform? https://wildsoundfestivalreview.com/2015/01/31/interview-with-poet-terezia-kontova-diet-business/

poet.2.1..1THE PARADE – Poetry by Miroslav Válek

It’s eight o’clock in the morning, the apple trees blossom, the dogs guard next to the doors and the winds sleep. I don’t feel like thinking of rhymes, I inspect my conscience, like the old album with your photos, which you no longer resemble and which you forgot long ago. Don’t worry, I’m not going to disturb you long. Everything is in order, lay down your arms!

poem.2.1MOM’S LATTICE CRUST PIE – Poetry by Milan Rufus

Sunday lunches were adorned by it and it was unique, like your hands mom. Today that pie still, smells so good only in poems. And together with you went away into obscurity. I do time from behind its bars, and I wonder, who wants to punish me. And for what? I watch and I search. And time silently snows. Snows and snows, as if it doesn’t want to stop. And only sometimes does it prompt, me and my poems: “All living flesh resists as well as it knows how, but what once was, one day will not be. And that’s where emotions criss-cross in man’s fate. Behind whose little bars you were once happy.”


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