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poem.1.1His work reads through the urban imperatives of human landscapes in the city. He has twice been awarded the Jabuti Prize, one of the greatest literary honours in Brazil (firstly in 1986, and later in 2010). He was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1940. Follower of the modernist poetic tradition (but also strongly influenced by the works of Manuel Bandeira and João Cabral de Melo Neto), he writes verses elaborate, full of evocative images. Armando Freitas Filho has experimented with different poetic practices that range from concrete poetry to poesia práxis. His most recent works are poetic Duplo Cego e Fio Terra.poem2.1

YOUR FACEYour face is a piece of music mute, as the wind. Yet I hear it from afar, not forgetting even without seeing, and I follow, by heart the sigh of this ah, more torn blind and alone.

IN THE MIRROR In the mirror unimaginable enigmage? No. Nor. But. I will never write myself again. I will wear grey a Dorian Grey subject (occluded) from rain and thunder, and I’ll only stop when my blood, shuts its mouth as a whole. Letters have already saved me from the precipice: SOS VIP RSVP, Black tie, etc.

BREATHLESS POSTCARDNature doesn’t nurture anything, it never looks back parasols and paradise, and every verb in the infinite I die, within a landscape where stations pass, by clocks fixed in the open. From the windows of a train through time, brusque cuts quick, plucked by the root from plain air. What the moon pulls from the stone, pieces of sky and sea mountains, ah! Beyond and indifferent, torn leaves, thou shall & shall not what? And in which notebook?

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