I AM MAESTRO OF WRITING NO ONE READS YET – Xul Solar, the creative man close to the source of the stars

1XUL SOLAR 1/3 – He was the creator of twelve painting techniques, some of them surrealist, and others that transpose a sensory. He was born in the bosom of a cosmopolitan family (his mother, originally from Italy). He was a Argentine painter, sculptor, writer and inventor of imaginary languages. During the years of the WWI, he struck up what was to be a lifelong friendship with Argentine artist Emilio Pettoruti, then a young man living in Italy and associated with the futurists.9

XUL SOLAR 2/3 – In 1924, his work was exhibited in Paris in a show of Latin American artists. He signed his work Xul Solar. This first name is the reverse of “lux,” (which references the measurement of luminous intensity). Combined with “solar”, you can read “the intensity of the sun”. Outside of Argentina, he may best be known for his association with Borges. Eccentric and inquisitive, his character possessed a great culture, exhibiting with simplicity and uncommon grace.17

XUL SOLAR 3/3 – Solar’s paintings are mainly sculptures, often using striking contrasts and bright colours, typically in relatively small formats. He invented two fully elaborated imaginary languages, symbols from which figure in his paintings, and was also an exponent of duodecimal mathematic. He also had a strong interest in, creating landscapes and fantastic architectural designs that bear witness to its studies on mysticism, Theosophy and astrology astrology (at least as early as 1939 he began to draw astrological charts).logo Meeting Benches

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