SEDUCETIVE LOOK IN BOLD COLOURS – Asit Kumar Patnaik: men and women engrossed in their emotions

1POST.1A semi-realistic figurative painter, Patnaik has enjoyed much critical acclaim and popular appreciation over the past few years. Best known painter for his “Relations” series, that revolves around a semi-clad male and female figure captured in a series of complex, multiple and open ended postures. Always, human psyche and interpersonal relationships of people in society, is the underlying theme that engages the artists interest. Patnaik has graced several solo and major group shows. Marked for its seductive look, his figuration appears dramatic and harmonious in bold colours. 9POST.2Born 1968 in Orissa, he spent his childhood in Cuttack and completed his Bachelor s Degree in fine art from Government College of Art and Crafts (at Khalikote), and Master’s from BHU Varanasi. The artist is currently based in Delhi, but he has participated in numerous camps and his work is held in various public and private collections in the country and overseas (including South Korea, Australia, Bangladesh and South Africa). Looking its paintings, you can observe a semi realistic painter, and his narratives revolve around partly clad men and women engrossed in their emotions. Often working in series, the complex and open ended postures of his people bring forth issues of human predicament including conflicts between young and old. 16.POST.3You can see more on Meeting Benches, looking for:


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