CAPTURING IDEAS, NOT MOMENTS – Erik Johansson: realistic photos of impossible scenes

1POST.1ERIK JOHANSSON 1/2 – Erik Johansson was born on a day in April of 1985. He is a Swedish artist and photographer, who realized his initial idea by combining several photos in unusual ways, in order to create a realistic image but contains logical inconsistencies that give a surrealist effect. Some of his works are the result of the combination of hundreds of original photographs, as well as raw materials. He spends ten hours using image manipulation software to alter the image digitally and give shape to his idea. He creates realistic photos of impossible scenes, capturing ideas, not moments, making fantastical scenarios come to life. Erik doesn’t capture moments, he captures ideas.6POST.2

ERIK JOHANSSON 2/2 – With the help of his camera and Photoshop, the goal is to make it look as realistic as possible. To Erik, photography is just a way to realize the ideas in his mind, but creating an image requires a lot work and preparation to get a realistic result. Although one photo, can consist of hundreds of different images he always wants it to look as if it could have been captured. Having an understanding of each step of the process gives total control of the whole work process from sketch to final image to ensure a high quality realistic result. Erik is as much a photographer as a retoucher which enables him to create almost anything that you can imagine.11POST.3

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