PHOTOGRAPHING AND PROCESSING – The special way of Sandy Skoglund

1post1SANDY SKOGLUND 1/4 – She was born in a fine summer day, and studied art at the University of Iowa and the Sorbonne. Lives and works in New York, expressing her creativity as a photographer. She was interested in dealing with repetitive, process-oriented art production through the techniques of mark-making and photocopying. 12post3SANDY SKOGLUND 2/4 – Her first artistic creation (Radioactive Cats) it is of the year 1980, but since then it is the everyday life that inspires the result of what creates, creating surreal colored compositions, which she photographed and processes in a special way, by changing the relationships of light and shadow. Its works are characterized by an overwhelming amount of one object and either bright, contrasting colors or a monochromatic color scheme. 14post4SANDY SKOGLUND 3/4 – Its activity is so elaborate in detail that only a picture a year she is able to show to our amazement. When you observe her works, entering into his uncanny world, you can feel the everyday life that blends with wonderful fairy-tale aspects. SANDY SKOGLUND 4/4 – What her pictures show us is manipulated with Photoshop, creating her design in detail. To those who ask why not execute her images with the computer, she says she does not want to change the meaning and perception of a reality that is really existed. You can see more on Meeting Benches, looking for: SANDY SKOGLUND, AMERICAN ARTIST – Imagining overwhelming amount of objects and their colors


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