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THE LONGEST SEASON OF LIFE: Antonio Bueno. A trip to Italy to find the dolls who felt he had, but he could not see

ANTONIO BUENO 1/4 – Being born from Spanish father and Polish mother, in Berlin, without imagining dying Italian. Hone the creative talent in Switzerland, France and Italy – so atypical and original – confronting the post-impressionism and abstract art, but also with the pop and neo-Dadaism, always attracted by comparison with its innovative character.6.1

ANTONIO BUENO 2/4 – The man who liked to climb on its own behalf to the sources of the figurative, visiting the major museums in Europe. For some years, he is dedicated to the use of monochromatic color, with the technique to “print”, then in low relief, creating large chests of Metaphysics visual, inside tiny paintings. He is attracted by the painting techniques of the Flemish Primitives, and also those of the surrealistic painters. To many, he has remained “the painter of dolls”, the creator of chubby faces, the painter who created characters from a stunned, the author of blank stares.

ANTONIO BUENO 3/4 – His classic “Voyage en Italie”, becomes the final destination of its existence, in Florence and Fiesole, where he became a portrait painter curiously fascinating, be attracted by the masterpieces of painting, which he absorbed internally, transforming them into colorful jewelry, along with pipe and still lifes. He has never liked the conformism, and that has made creative experimentation the longest season of his life.10.1

ANTONIO BUENO 4/4 – Painting to practice, paint to maintain vital creative activity, without an audience of potential buyers. Get rich with stimulating intellectual friendships with De Chirico, Sanguinetti and Camus, to space creatively, wherever the art can be expressed with music and brushes, and also writing. What you see, it is the result of his creative artistic ability, an inner world – that becomes visible in his paintings – so kind and gentle, clean and accurate.

You can see moore on Meeting Benches: ANTONIO BUENO (1918/1984), ITALIAN PAINTER: Telling the inner world, so kind and gentle, with color shades clean and accurate

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