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THE KNIGHT AND DEATH – Novel by Leonardo Sciascia

The truth at the bottom of a well It was inaugurated in 1847, but the novi cannola fountain is still an admirable architectural work. This Racalmuto fountain http://racalmutotourism.blogspot.com/ is fed by a stream whose waters were channeled downstream of the town. In its vicinity, the necropolis of the Stefano district preserves more than one hundred tombs excavated in the open …

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AN EXTRAORDINARY MUSICAL WALKER, AT DUSK – Franco Battiato: Review the past, to understand what we have lost

A nomadic musicality, among the chiaroscuro of creative expressiveness One of the most historic and characteristic seaside towns of the Ionian-Etna area is Riposto, a municipality in the province of Catania, which stands on the Ionian Sea, an excellent base for visiting Sicily. At the Marricriu restaurant https://trattoriamarricriu.wixsite.com/marricriu you can enjoy fresh pasta with shellfish and velvety fish bells, as …

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