DESPERTAR – Maneco Galeano: Soy de la Chacarita

When you find out that, the song is of little use to change a situation In the Paraguay River, https://www.rainforestcruises.com/jungle-blog/paraguay-river-in-the-pantanal fishing in the allowed months is exceptional. It is the main tributary of the Paraná River and is one of the most important in the Plata basin. It born in Brazil, and crosses Bolivia and Paraguay, where it acts as …

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NOT ONLY PARAGUAY’S GUARANIA – El Cuarteto de Nos, away to the melancholic rhythms.

Let me relate to you, about rock and guarania. Be prepared to notice very different styles of music. Music in South America is often a way of life, and Paraguay‘s sound is just flavorful as the culture and food. They citizens of the country use music to express every emotion. Rock can be damn perfect. Therefore, here are Flou, an …

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