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WHERE THE STONES SPEAK – Author’s journey to Scotland

Shades of Scottish creativity Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newarthill, Tipton, Dalkeith and Gretna Green. Welcome where creativity is able to manifest itself in places full of history, but also in remote villages wrapped in the scent of salt. Among the many possibilities of a trip to Scotland https://www.visitscotland.com/, there is a special one, but to live it you will need to …

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WHEN CLOTHES BECOME OBJECT OF DESIRE – Christopher Kane: When, with the obsession with dangerous animals, the inspiration comes from a film about monkeys

Tight jersey dresses, scary baboons and monkeys Among his most famous and recognizable garments, printed dresses and t-shirts. Many celebrities, as if Jessica Alba and Diane Kruger love his creations. At school, as a child he loved being in the art classroom, designing clothes and models from catalogs. He was born in Newarthill, a Scottish town in North Lanarkshire, into …

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