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LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN TO CREATIVITY – Where the artist has his entanglements, because they feed his creativity

Where creativity becomes innovation, if transformed into reality Journey into the creativity of France https://nz.ambafrance.org/Creativity-A-quintessentially-french-trait, where être means to be and where it indicates nationality and profession, but also where it describes people and things. One can be French by descent or by the battles waged, yet, already in conceiving a certain type of sail or handbag; in both cases, …

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NOTHING IS REAL, EXCEPT DREAMS AND LOVE – Anna de Noailles, the full beauty and the noble and peaceful splendor of light

The infinite heart of a woman named Anna Throughout her life, she had a troubled friendship with the novelist and essayist Maurice Barrès. Her father died at the age of ten, yet in Victor Hugo’s poems, she discovered a language to overcome that loss through artistic representation. Descending from families of Romanian boyars and daughter of a prince, she had …

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