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CREATIVE SPARKS, ABOVE TWO BAYS – Journey through Chinese art, from Hong Kong to Hangzhou.

Revolutionaries reflections in western horizons. Returned to China, he became the principal of the National Beijing Fine Art School, and in Hangzhou founded, the now called the China Academy of Art. Japanese soldiers destroyed many of his early works during the Sino-Japanese War. None only, many of his later works was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, when he destroyed his …

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THE UNCONVENTIONAL MASTER OF CHINESE ART – Lin Fengmian: earning the title of The Four Great Academy Presidents.

Favoring a square format, employing bright hues. Yo can visit its Xiangji Temple, built during the Northern Song Dynasty. Painter Lin Fengmian created its China Academy of Art. The town it sits at the head of bay, which separates Shanghai and Ningbo. Here, Hangzhou has been one of the most prosperous cities for much of the last millennium. The city’s …

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