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IN THE LAND WHERE TO SHAPE YOUR DESTINY – Six Indonesians who shaped the imagination

Smile, it is cool, but doing it creatively is better Our journey into Indonesian creativity begins with a painter. Even in Indonesia, in fact, there are painters who paint the sun in an essential way, representing it with a yellow spot. We like to introduce one of the painters born in this “Land of the Gods”, a man who has …

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DRAWING THE LINE WITH A CARTOONIST – Jitet Kustana, cartoonist from Indonesia

When a comic is born between coffee and cigarettes He is the creator of the Indonesian Gold Pencil Foundation and actively participates in international comic exhibitions and competitions. As a young man with no future ahead of him, Jitet Kustana https://www.irancartoon.com/site/artists/jitet-kustana had no perception of what he would do when he grew up. This father of four born in 1967 …

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