THE INVISIBLE PATHS OF HUMAN PRECARITY – The use of photography as a practice of memory

If the universal is the product and synthesis of ordinary things She is a contemporary Indian photographer living in New Delhi. Trained in painting and applied arts, she then transferred her creative interest to photography. In 2011, she was award the most important Canadian prize for photography. https://photopaper.world/produkt/photopaper-23-24-gauri-gill/. After earning a BFA in applied art, as well as a second …

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WHEN A PHOTOBOOK BECOME POETIC AND NARRATIVE POSSIBILITIE – Dayanita Singh, a journey between photo book, biography and fiction

The photographic skill: concentration For some old-school folks, the correct way to buy a book is by heading to the bookstore. Their magazine section in the back is always packed. Since 1953, Bahrisons https://www.facebook.com/bahrisons.booksellers/ is one of Delhi’s better-known bookstores. Underwent a renovation, now making their upper section roomier and easier to browse through. Try to find something by photographer …

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WHEN PASSION BECOME WILDLIFE STORY – Rathika Ramasamy: First Indian woman to strike an international reputation as a wildlife photographer.

Every time yoy press the shutter, it takes youone step closer to Mother Nature. She received her first camera from her uncle, beganning-shooting pictures of trees and flowers. She has lived in New Delhi since 1999, has a degree in computer engineering and worked as a software for several years before becoming a full-time photographer. RETHIKA RAMASAMY https://www.rathikaramasamy.com/ is based …

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