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WHERE YOU LEARN A NEW KIND OF THING – Melbourne, to discover creative minds

Stay in touch with something unusual There are many ways to tune in to the beauty of a place, but the way of implementation guaranteed by more possibilities passes exclusively through the memories of those who have already been there. So, as always dealing with the theme connected to an author’s journey, our invitation is to let yourself be advised …

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AN ENCHANTED WOOD, FULL OF DELICACY – Elves and Fairies, honoured also on a postage stamp

Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, magic for few people What we are telling you is a story of fairy tales, feminism and an excellent reputation. Benjamin Bear, one of the characters she created in pen and ink watercolors, resembled a teddy bear, but there was also a koala inside him. Ida Sherbourne Rentoul Outhwaite https://documents.uow.edu.au/~morgan/outhwaite.htm, born in Melbourne in 1888, she showed …

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