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AS RICE, WRAPPED IN ALGAE – Aauthor’s Journey in Korea: from Songeong beach at Kaesong, meet creative people, watching herons.

Korea, like a gem cannot polished without friction. From Korean eateries to chic bistros serving up European cuisine, its food scene has dramatically evolved in recent years. Today there is a restaurant to satisfy just about every craving. Located near Songjeong Beach, Songjeong Jip is a Korean restaurant that places an emphasis on fresh, homemade dishes. The menu features kalguksu …

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MINIMAL FORMS AND GEOMETRIC ABSTRACTIONS – Hang-Ryul Park: Becoming famous for a portrait drawn in profile, with a bird and flowers.

When you put features of humans in your paintings. This location is also famous for pine forests, beautiful fall foliage and splendid snowscapes. Here, Common Herons build nests in tall trees, and breed from April through July. In ancient times, it was famous for its three mountains and two rivers. Gimcheon is a city in North Gyeongsang Province (South Korea). …

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