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CREATIVE WINDOWS, TO CHANGE THE AIR OF A CITY – Milan, beautiful even in the fog, like a woman with a veil

Creative people, between discretion, discipline and duty The Comacina island, on Lake Como, is part of its heritage, but this centuries-old Milanese art academy also boasts a photo library, a collection of plaster sculptures and an endless historical archive, a picture gallery, a drawings and prints cabinet, as well as its own library of contemporary art. As students or teachers, …

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A HALLUCINATED AND GROTTOQUE DIALECT – Delio Téssa, lawyer, journalist and poet

Write in dialect, when the language cannot provide sounds to express you To understand his way of combining poetry and humor, one sentence from him is enough: “In Milan there is still a tram that costs ten cents, but so cheap that it never comes.” His personality was dominate by total distrust of men, as well as by the loss …

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