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VENICE, A TRIP IN THE DREAM AND ELSEWHERE – Where the sailing ships carried the winds of other worlds in their sails

The stars fade with envy, seeing the charms of Venice emerge from the fog The knowledge of the contexts we visit is synesthetic, because we put all our senses at stake. Places have memory. They remember everything. This is what Wim Wenders writes in Places https://www.amazon.it/Wim-Wenders-Places-Strange-Quiet/dp/3775735135, a book with photographic shots, made in twenty years of travel. Starting from this …

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A FREE WOMAN, MASTER OF THE HEART OF A VERY POWERFUL MAN – Caterina Dolfin: The human alliance that becomes the center of ferment in Venice

Freedom of women and  restlessness of patricians They were dedicated to cultivating the conversation, often appreciated for their beauty, but all those noblewomen were also united by the identical desire to get out of the female stereotypes of their time. In Venice, many of them started literary circles https://ohiostatepress.org/books/titles/9780814213711.html. Among them, Giustina Renier Michiel, Marina Querini Benzon and Caterina Dolfin …

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