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ALFONSINA STORNI – Her death inspired to compose the song “Alfonsina and the Sea” performed by many singers.

Her parents called her Alfonsina, which means, she was ready for everything. She was one of the most important Argentine and Latin–American poets of the modernist period. Alfonsina Storni – was born in Switzerland in 1892 and lived there until she was four years old. In 1896 the family returned to San Juan, and a few years later, in 1901, …

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AUTHOR’S TRAVEL IN ARGENTINA – A vial of creative fragrance, between Andes andMar de la Plata

Argentina? Special country that every year millions of tourists add to their travelist. Is it the motivated by naturalistic aspects (such as Patagonia or the Fire Land, Iguazú Falls and the Andes Mountain Range, but many people choose to visit this country to expand the level of their cultural horizon. Of course, within the concept of culture, there is also …

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