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Drawing comics, a universal language that can reach a vast and varied audience, requires commitment, passion and a lot of dedication; however, you can prove to be a source of great personal satisfaction. Representing comics with lines drawn on a surface frees creativity, allows you to tell stories even without words and have fun through infinite possibilities of experimentation. If you want to learn to draw comics, you can try Kitra, a free program that includes many advanced tools for creating comics and manga. Instead, if you prefer to use your smartphone, you can download MediaBang Paint, a free app that offers attractive graphic options. If you want to delve deeper into the history of comics, you can consult Comic explained by those who draw it, a collection of ten lessons created by multiple authors.

There are many artists who have left their mark on the world of comics with their style, their characters and their innovations. Among them, the King of Comics, Jack Kirby, famous for his iconic characters such as the Fantastic Four and Captain America. A French artist specializing in science fiction comics, however, Jean Giraud, nicknamed Moebius, consolidated lasting fame with Arzach and Blueberry. American author Frank Miller, who created original comics such as Sin City and Ronin, also helped revitalize Batman. Acclaimed by industry critics and winner of numerous awards, Canadian illustrator Fiona Staples has managed to capture the public’s attention with her science fiction series Saga. Finally, we want to tell you about Will Eisner, a comics pioneer who invented the term graphic novel.

Cartoonist, writer and entrepreneur, Will Eisner is considered one of the most important and influential cartoonists. He began his career in 1936, working for various comic magazines, until he founded Eisner Studios and launched his famous The Spirit, a groundbreaking series for him. Universally recognized as the creator of the graphic novel, he created, or helped create, the characters in The Spirit and many others. In 1978, he published the world’s first graphic novel, A Contract with God, a collection of stories set in the Bronx.

A Contract with God, a graphic novel that Will Eisner published in 1978, is composed of four stories set in a block of flats in the Bronx, where characters live poor. By reading it, you will get to know Frimme Hersh, the man who loses his faith after the death of his adopted daughter, and decides to break the pact he had made with God in exchange for his salvation. Eddie, on the other hand, a talented young singer, when he is approached by an old diva who wants to make him her lover, tries to steal her money. You will discover that Mr. Scuggs, a racist and violent doorman, accused of pedophilia by a couple of tenants, commits suicide by throwing himself from the roof of the building. Other characters, however, meet in a guesthouse in the Catskill mountains. Among them, a young aspiring cartoonist and a man trying to take revenge on a scammer. Their stories, also inspired by the author’s personal memories, demonstrate how comics can be a means of literary and artistic expression.

The term graphic novel, which has since become very popular, denoted comic works with a narrative structure similar to that of a literary novel. Will Eisner continued to produce until the age of 87, until his death in 2005. Among his unmissable works, we remind you of A Life Force, The Building and The Plot. Recognized as one of the masters of comics, he won numerous awards, even the one that bears his name in his honor, the Eisner Award, a prize given to the best cartoonists in the world. The sole purpose of this site is to spread the knowledge of these creative people, allowing others to appreciate their works. If you want to know some already published cartoonists, you can type The intellectual properties of the images appearing in this blog correspond to their authors.


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