THE WHOLESALE MARKET FOR CONTEMPORARY BRANDS – Mirta, a sustainable approach to luxury shopping

Promote and preserve local materials and techniques

Their mission is to radically transform fashion shopping. To achieve the best result, after searching for interesting local brands, they facilitate the connection between those brands and retailers. Aiming to empower store owners, they offer them a platform to order from independent brands that they have never seen before. As part of their creative exploration, Mirta brings a curated selection of independent designers to New York. In 2019, achieving unexpected success in showroom based Apt 23A, 545 8th Ave launched a boutique focused on local Made in Italy brands. As they grow, they look for talents who share their mission. If you want, you too can send an email to

To recreate an artisan experience concerning human connection, they connect Italian artisans with luxury consumers. They interact in the luxury fashion design environment constituting a self-sufficient and dynamically balanced system where local brands can become global through technology. Brands that land on Mirta are selected to align with their vision of fashion style. Indeed, through an assiduous process of pursuing this, they test them against their own standards of excellence. With their showroom you too can access unknown Made in Italy brands, thus benefiting from a smooth and rewarding digital shopping experience. Made in small batches, their brands preserve materials and techniques from a particular area of Italy, therefore, every single piece you can be sure will be made according to these specific packaging characteristics.

They give access to a type of Made in Italy produced slowly, consciously and at a fair price. After launching in Silicon Valley, they put down roots in Italy while maintaining their international mindset. In fact, they work from their headquarters located in the heart of Brera, the design district in central Milan, but they also support remote working. They believe in a form of luxury where it is possible to clearly perceive a certain product. Taking care of every detail to make each piece special, they look for brands capable of creating creative masterpieces packaged by hand. Before a certain type of brand comes to Mirta‘s attention, they want to know everything about it. Only in this way, in fact, are they able to offer valuable quality standards to the boutiques and their customers. Each brand they choose has roots in local communities.

Theirs is a kind of digital showroom that is assiduously committed to trying to reach and enhance the preciousness of small contemporary fashion brands. Through them, when you want and from wherever you want you can find unknown niche brands and buy easily through catalogue, checkout and few. Operating on a custom business model, Mirta advocates conscious consumption. In fact, their brands start producing only after receiving an order. If you want to offer your customers access to brands, they can’t find anywhere else, by browsing the catalog of their digital showroom you too can place your orders in just a few clicks. Handcrafted in natural raffia, their Isis bag for example, is both spacious and elegant, therefore, a versatile accessory that will accompany you throughout the summer. If you want to get to know other creative people who have contributed to enriching international fashion scene, you can type The sole purpose of this site is to spread the knowledge of these artists and that other people enjoy their works. The property of the images that appear in this blog correspond to their authors.



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