CLEAR YOUR MIND AND FREE IT – When a song becomes a way of life

Julie Anne San Jose, a woman who explores cheerful music

She sang on stage before becoming a full-fledged artist. Only then, she wake up the tightrope walker dancing inside her. When she turned three, her mother enrolled her in the Center for Pop Music, which helped get her to participate in the “Batibot” children’s show. In 2012, her “I’ll Be There” arrived, but Julie Anne San Jose also wants to remind you of her 2015 “Forever” and “Regrets” from 2019. There are those who go crazy for her 2016“Chasing the Lights”, while others love to hear her voice acting voice in “Barangay 143”, a 2018 animated. “Limitless, A Musical Trilogy”, her latest artistic achievement, is testimony to her desire to free herself from the chains, not just those of a pandemic.

Filipino singer-songwriter and actor Julie Anne San Jose was born in Quezon City on a spring day in 1994. With a computer operator father and an instructor mother, she is the eldest of their three children. Becoming a member of the Sugar Pop group, she gained enormous popularity with a television program. Her eponymous debut album was 2012 certified diamond disc in the Philippines. The words of one of his songs remind us of our need to breathe, and help us feel inspired by life. Without limits, this is the most appropriate way to describe her complexity as an artist.

To pursue her best potential as a songwriter, she discovered the importance of knowing how to play more than one musical instrument. She is one of the Junior Ambassadors of the Pilipinong Mang-Aawit Organization, which allows her to promote Filipino music around the world. Among other things, that made her famous, having participated in the film “Just One Summer”. Julie Anne San Jose continued to sing, and with her “Deeper” record, she went three times platinum in the motherland in 2014. She is a supporter of a child-centered organization, World Vision, which promotes children’s rights. The music? It should be a refuge. Her desire as an artist is to create excellence and share it with others. With her passion for going the distance in everything she does, she deserves to be call Asia’s Limitless Star since the beginning of her career.

IF YOU DO NOT – It is all over, I am still here stunned, in the world. You cannot think you cannot see my dreams for you. Ohh, I cannot imagine if you were not in my life. Are you still there? You cannot see if there is a way forward. Ohh, I cannot imagine without you. Ohh, in my life follow you. The melody that I realize. Follow my melody. Ohh, I cannot imagine without you. Ohh, in my life

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