CLASSIC MODELS, SHARP AND SOFT IN SYMMETRY – When the glow of the dress leaves a lasting impression

Ezra Santos, a juxtaposition of grace and extravagance

He is a Filipino fashion designer, a creative man with a heritage related to the culture of his people, something to draw on for his clothes. Dressing up Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, Filipino fashion designer Ezra Santos has become a figure of accentuated prominence and distinction in the Persian Gulf, where his designs exude time transcendence, as if his creative confidence was everywhere – yesterday, today or tomorrow – in terms of the way she dresses his customers. The motto of his work is “creativity and diligence“.

After studying at Central Saint Martins in London and the Philippines, he spent a decade of fruitful apprenticeship in Dubai. Britney Spears have also worn his models. Adore the designer Erte and the originality of Christian Dior; admire Christian Lacroix and the drama of John Galliano. Despite his importance in the field of fashion, Ezra Santos has not forgotten how his success began, so he maintains and recognizes the importance of the dividing line, which, even in the field of fashion, separates the presumption of not recognizing one’s limits.

Already at an early age he drew a lot, he was even fascinate by the ball gowns he saw in films. Therefore, it was from there that his passion for designing and making luxury clothes was born. Among his customers, especially Arab women want something unique, which is why he produces surprising dresses for them. Ezra Santos‘ clients appreciate his beaded weaves, yet, the motor center of his creative apparatus is not only tuned to wedding dresses, but evening dresses as well. Before founding “Ezra Couture“, he had worked for a fashion house in Dubai, thus learning the secret of choosing unique fabrics that have no equal, creating garments with a meticulous design.

Using traditional materials and techniques, despite his fame he does not forget the benefit that Filipino artisans and culture give to his talent. A frequent visitor to various fashion events, he has never forgotten his 2010 “In the Beginning“, the beginning of things that have refined his innate taste for beautiful things. For Ezra Santos everything starts with the choice of the type of fabric: it must aesthetically combine with a type of femininity bristling with hard and angular protrusions.

Ezra Santos also participated in “Fashion Forward“, a celebration of style in Dubai, with his exhibition – “Definiendo de Amor” – completely tuned to the baroque and ornamental art of the architect Gaudi. Change is also inevitable in the fashion industry, so it is essential for him to continue to keep inspiration high.

His creative flair celebrates the ritual of combining Filipino tradition with contemporary trends. According to him, the artisanship continues to emanate a particularly intense light in the field of clothing. In fact, with his 2017 show – “Weave of Love” – Ezra Santos managed to show something memorable: like a mat skirt (made of intertwined palm leaves), paired with a cashmere shirt. If you like his style, do not forget that everything he creates is born in Sheikh Zayed Roadnel, his atelier located on the ground floor of the Commercial Bank of Dubai building.

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