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When creative people frame the story of a journey

Welcome to our new “author’s journey”, something original that will help you discover the places through the eyes of those who by birth or by vocation know them very well. Located in the northeastern United States, this region boasts great lakes, mountain ranges, and a scenic stretch of the coast of Lake Erie. Best things to do in Pennsylvania Pittsburgh and Philadelphia offer you a wide range of tourist attractions, but you could also choose to stay out of town, visit Amish farms and ghost towns.

The eyes of a painter observe places and people with passion, almost as if they were inside his painting, and it is precisely in this way that he helps us to observe and perceive everything that surrounds us with different eyes. As a child he had revealed a penchant for drawing, therefore, he was encouraged by his father who sensed his son’s artistic talent. In 1976, he hitchhiked around the United States to observe the works of artists on the American scene. Not only are the images of his stylized men famous all over the world, but his works are also familiar to those who know nothing of the pop art of the eighties. Keith Haring was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, on a spring day in 1958, he studied graphics and at the School of Visual Arts in New York, where he began to show interest in graffiti and murals. He learned the art of conveying simple and intelligible messages.

Sing differently, looking for the right choice of rhythm and vocal timbre. A singer has managed to make her verses of her sung words correspond to what she perceived within herself. A banjo player and a thirteen year old girl, a night of love and a father who continues to play with traveling orchestras, forgetting everything. This is why that child of a fragile nature, born on a spring day in 1915, developed the ability to express strong responses. Billie Holiday her mother to New York, began prostituting herself in a brothel and was arrest. When she got out of prison, she tried to work, made her debut as a singer in various clubs in Harlem. For her, singing was like playing a wind instrument.

Poetry is a caress for the spirit, a way to regenerate the soul, but singing it becomes a real personal refuge. She does just that. Various musical forms, such as blues and ragtime, fuel her writing. She thinks, in fact, that a musicality of poetry is possible; she is convinced that the words must be combine with the voice. Yolanda Wisher spends her creativity in this way, blending artistic and community activities. From her point of view, each poem is a real performative act, that is, capable of producing change in the listener.

If you have decided to cover yourself with something to wear, remember the advice of Coco Chanel: fashion does not exist only in the form of clothes, because it has to do with what happens inside you, in the sky and in the streets of your city. In the heart of Philadelphia, Fashion District is an amazing shopping experience. Entering Skirt you look labels: are on display in revolving windows, where you can find a skirt for a girl or an Iro cropped leather jacket, but non forget throw you on floral frock by Veronica Beard. In the Gallery at Market East, a massive place, you will found also well organiz, clean thrift stores. If you are looking for a clothing retailer selling on-trend apparel, accessories & footwear aimed at young women, can try Easy Pickins, at the 901 Market Street.

See the world, is also a book by Edoardo Boncinelli, an Italian geneticist who helps you reflect on the relationship between science and photography. Seeing the world in an original way is also what an American photographer does.Look closely: all the protagonists of her images seem to be mask, almost hyperreal; more than photographs, they are staging that explore a world. Her way of photographing dates back to the way the camera was use in the 19th century. The scenes created by Nadine Rovner find nourishment in the photography on stage. Her way of working always starts from a perception, and only afterwards, it turns into a scene to be portray. By observing any of her photographs, you too can immediately perceive that within her there are crystallized fragments of meaning, suspended between reality and memory.

Try to imagine that part of your travels are between mouth and food, and that these itineraries correspond to as many lessons of taste. Choose well where to eat and drink, even when traveling to Pennsylvania: food makes the table, and the table celebrates food. If you are also a good connoisseur of Pennsylvania, you certainly have learned not to overlook the “evocative power” of the things you eat and drink. There are restaurants where you can dine in a wonderfully familiar atmosphere, where you can enjoy seasonal ingredients that combine family recipes with elegant French style. Here you will not have to worry about what you eat, but with whom you eat, therefore, choose well. At Clifford’s Restaurant you will find fresh and seasonal meals: for an appetizer start with freshly grilled marinated shrimp, then have some fresh fish brought to you from the grill, but do not forget their homemade bread!

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