SOMETHING BRIGHT AND FUN – Yuki Ogura, a very prolific artist

A Japanese Modern & Contemporary artist

The warmth and humanity in her work, makes she endearing to audiences. Her maiden name was Yuki Mizoguchi. Yuki Ogura was born in Ōtsu city (Shiga Prefecture), into a March day, in 1895. Her home-studio were located in Kamakura, where she lived to the age of 105. Her work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from $118 USD to $49,151 USD. Her painting post war reveals another turn in style towards modernism.

She had important part in finding a new path for Japanese art in the twentieth century. Yuki Ogura graduated from the Nara Women’s Normal School and was employed as a school teacher, but her interest in art led her to study painting, in 1920. The Japan Fine Arts Academy selected, four years later, one of her painting for an exhibition. Something bright and fun was the feeling she wanted to depict in one of her painting. Her strong gaze of the paintings women, always reflect changes in social status began during the war years.

She transformed subject and composition in Nihonga, Japanese traditional style painting. Yuki Ogura specialized in family scenes, still life, and pictures of women. In 1932, she became the first female member of the Japan Fine Arts Academy. During the 1960s, she painted large portraits of friends and family members in the nude. With bold colors and patterns, her post war compositions have dramatic diagonals.

Although she never departed from the traditional framework of the Nihonga style, critics, both in style and content, often describe Yuki Ogura figure paintings modern. She was awarded the Order of Culture in 1980. She maintaining a strong sense of tradition in method and philosophy. Many of her new art elements, can be accredited to her observation of modernist painters Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso.

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