YOUR CHIANTI PHOTO TOUR, WITH A PROFESSIONAL TOUCH – Stefano Caporali, the adventure of a professional photographer

When Siena and San Gimignano become your photo tour

The best places to photograph in Tuscany, between myths and beauties, offer you a huge option. Here are places of art and panoramas of extraordinary beauty, which you can frame and capture with your camera at any time of the year. You can start from the beautiful landscapes of the Val d’Orcia, whose hills are perhaps the symbol of this land. Capture the charm of Piazzale Michelangelo (the panoramic terrace of Florence), capture the shell shape of Piazza del Campo in Siena, or live an experience that of flying in a hot air balloon over the Val d’Orcia. Let yourself be guided by someone who was born here and who knows where and when to go.

If you are serching for a local photographer in Tuscany (for a guided photo tour or a workshop on the field), with him will started to shoot countryside landscape pictures and street in medieval Tuscan villages and towns. His landscape photographs have been published on the covers of prestigious Italian and foreign magazines. His adventure as a professional photographer began in the 90s. Born in Arezzo in 1965, Stefano Caporali had cultivated a passion for photography from a young age, focusing on landscape photography.

Weddings and interior photographs, as well as architecture, are his creative horizon. His style is oriented to the use of a portrait photography set that is why his portrait photos use the light of the natural environment. The photographic creativity of Stefano Caporali also ranges in the field of photo books, models and portraiture. For the wedding sector, he has joined the t project.

With him, nothing is scheduled, because this is a photography day with a local photographer. With him, you can travel to the best photo spots in Tuscan countryside (obviously at the right time of the day). For over twenty years, he has been photographing landscapes, but among them, he prefers those of his native land, Tuscany. Stefano Caporali has archived thousands of photos of landscapes and cities, visible and purchasable on his 500px page Some of his photos have been exhibited in museums and castles in Tuscany. Visiting Tuscany, you too can experience his Crete Senesi photo tour.

He collaborates with specialized tourism agencies, taking photographs of interiors of accommodation facilities. His photographs are printed on books and postcards distributed in Tuscany and Umbria, but Stefano Caporali makes also fine art landscape prints on cotton paper, which you too can buy in the shops and art galleries of Tuscany. If you love mostly countryside and hill top villages, with him, you can do Orcia Valley photo tour.

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