AROUND WEDDINGS, PORTRAITS & STREETS – Ugo Baldassarre, the ability to go beyond photography

When writing with light is to say something through images

Visiting Parma is a great experience, but do not forget that its historic center deserves a full day of exploration, in search of Palazzo della Pilotta and Duomo, Baptistery, Basilica of Santa Maria della Steccata, Farnese Theater and National Gallery. Also Teatro Regio, Palazzo del Governatore and Castello dei Burattini, a museum that collects one of the most important puppet collections in Italy. These are some of the places, where you can capture the beauty of Parma with your camera, without forgetting that – as Ugo Baldassarre suggests – the ability to go beyond photography is one of the secrets to obtaining good images.

Born in Altamura in 1978, after experimenting with computer science and publishing, he discovered his passion for photography by purchasing his first Canon SLR. Combined with technical experience, his propensity for creative dialogue developed within the figurative arts, consolidating with his arrival in Parma, his adopted city. With enthusiastic energy, the photographer Ugo Baldassarre faces every new project as a challenge. Through reportage techniques, he spontaneously tells the essence of situations.

From naturalistic photography, his creative horizon has been tuned to the portraiture reportage. New technologies help him to create quality images. As he says, when it comes to enhancing something it is better not to improvise. By listening carefully to the people who turn to him, Ugo Baldassarre collects the memories entrusted to him by time and people, giving value to the images

As a good photo-amateur, the passion that drives his creative research was also born through the comparison with other photographers. Videos and albums, mini albums or digital albums, high-resolution photographs, blu-ray or DVD. This is the creative horizon by Ugo Baldassarre He is the photographer who, for a good story, captures the essentiality faithful to reality, through spontaneous, natural and clean images.

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