SPECIAL MOMENTS, TO CHERISH FOR A LIFETIME – Ranjan Bhattacharaya: Among the best concept photographers of Kolkata

Telling unforgettable stories, through images that speak volumes

Victoria Memorial Hall and Mother House, Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Park Street and Science City. These are five places where the use of your camera will suddenly accelerate. Among the things to do and see in Kolkata, enter a place that had been inaugurated in 1767, to welcome the British who died by serving their country. Now, the Park Street Cemetery http://kolkatacitytours.com/park-street-cemetery/ is a place of peace where in the silence, mausoleums of all shapes await you, such as that of Job Charnock, founder of the city. In the words of Ranjan Bhattacharaya, even a photograph can turn into an emotion.

To produce beautiful and effective photographs, he combine his technical with aesthetal intuition. He is based in the city of joy, in Kolkata, willing to shoot weddings all over India. Ranjan Bhattacharya https://www.facebook.com/ranjanb.in/videos/wedding-rituals-ashish-shanoli/268505833846015/ understand how much wedding means. Capturing all the big movements and little things that a wedding is made up of, he believe in portraying all emotions . With a different perspective, he use a sensitivity to capture the expressions of love.

He prefer to capture the real moments in the life, also where an expression of trust reaches the face of a childrens, in the arms of their loved ones. For him, it is the purest and direct way of communication: Ranjan Bhattacharaya https://www.ranjanb.in/about-us.php love to create memories through photography. Whether he are capturing a family portrait or celebrating a milestone in a graduating life, he try to understand the needs of his clients. They are a team of young photographers, cinematographers and creative professionals and travel all over the globe.

For him, a picture is worth a thousand words and so it is necessary to capture the best pictures out. Forbest fashion photographs reach out to Ranjan Photography https://www.facebook.com/ranjanb.in/ and make yourself stand out of the crowd. His commercial photography captures images to help the promotion of a business. Based in Kolkata, Ranjan Bhattacharya Photography is a group of experienced and specialized photographers who are more passionate about capturing your emotions and memories.

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