A SUITABLE BOY – Novel by Vikram Seth

Describing acclaimed epic of Indian life

The earliest works of Indian literature were orally transmitted, while the Sanskrit epics Ramayana and Mahabharata appeared towards the end of the second millennium BCE. Combining the diverse linguistic and cultural traditions, India’s literary tradition is one of the richest in the world. What is common to its writers is a depth of feeling for a country whose diversity and problems are reflected in their fiction. For your best book in Kolkata enter Earthcare Books https://earthcarebooks.com/, a tiny bookstore on Middleton Street, where to know Indian way of life you can will buy a novel by Vikram Seth. For the protagonists of his books, he often draws inspiration from his family. For technique used and themes, his works have contributed to enrich the Indo-English novel. Vikram Seth https://www.thriftbooks.com/a/vikram-seth/211027/, born in Kolkata in 1952, is an Indian writer and poet. He has received numerous awards and his poetry collections have contributed to the poetic canon of the English language in India.

In 1954, his family moved to England. Back in India, Vikram Seth https://www.facebook.com/AuthorVikramSeth/ began his studies in a prestigious school, completing them in Kent, England. Graduating in philosophy, politics and economics, he started writing his first poems. In California, he obtained a degree in economics from Stanford University, knowing a poet who stimulated his ability as a writer. His collection entitled The Poems 1981–1994 was published in 1995. Another of his passion is music. In fact, he knows how to play flute and cello. After completing his studies, Vikram Seth https://twitter.com/realvikramseth hitchhiked through China, Tibet and Nepal. Back in Delhi, he wrote Autostop for the Himalaya, a book with which he will win the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award. Multilingual writer, in his works he sheds the influence of his travels, from rites to aspects of daily life in the places where he has been.

A woman has blessed her daughter’s wedding, but she is thinking of the other daughter, looking for the right boy to find them. You are in northern India, 1951. Imagine that you are in the capital of the imaginary state of Purva Pradesh. The other daughter decided to oppose the custom of agreed marriages, eager to choose the man with whom to share existence. Page after page, reading A suitable boy https://www.amazon.com/Suitable-Boy-Novel-Modern-Classics/dp/0060786523 you will get to know men and women who live and love each other, weaving adventures and feelings into the events of their country.

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