PAINTER, GRAPHIC, ARTIST AND ILLUSTRATOR – Jan Zrzavý: A creativity motivated by foreign and domestic landscapes

A symbolist heavily influenced by medieval art

For postcard or poster sized souvenirs, do not forget its gift shop. Here you can admire this beloved artist, whose talent for expressive women helped define the Art Nouveau movement. Mucha Museum collection includes theatrical posters that established Czech painter Alphonse Mucha reputation in Paris, alongside work that brought him back to his homeland, where Jan Zrzavýwas was a Czech painter, but of modernism movement.

He made acquainted with the fine arts by means of fairy-tales and old calendars with pictures. He was born (Bohemia) into a November day 1890, studied in Prague and first visited France in 1907, maintaining close links to his homeland. Jan Zrzavý grew increasingly recognized on a national and international level in the 1950s and 1960s, became an associate professor at Palacký University, maintaining private studios in Prague and Okrouhlice and died on an October 1977 day.

Desiring to be a painter, he liked painting pictures in a surrounding outdoor. He reworked many of his themes and was admired by founder of the Czech artistic movement Poetism. Throughout his life, he was inspired by spectacular landscapes, both abroad as well as in his native country. The early part of the 20th century, Jan Zrzavý was a member of the Czech modernism movement. His œuvre is on display in the town of Telč and in Prague.

He had tried four times (but without success) to enroll in the Prague Academy, thus remaining self-taught. Jan Zrzavý was painter, graphic artist and illustrator, significant figure in art, representative of the emerging avant-garde at the beginning of the 20th century. He has bequeathed his artistic works (over 100 paintings and 1,500 drawings) to the National Gallery. His grave near Church of Saint Nicholas in Krucemburk, Havlíčkův (Brod District), it waiting for your visit.

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