USING SOCIAL MEDIA, TO BREAK AWAY FROM CONSERVATIVE WAY – Osse Greca Sinare: Subversive, conceptual and sharp

To transform a part-time passion into a career

If you are and adventurous, Udzungwa Mountains National Park has breathtaking views and local guides to lead the way. Five hours north of Dar es Salaam, to a trip for exploring the beautiful Tanzanian wilderness. If you want to make a wonderful photographic memory, using the techniques suggested by short online courses by Osse Greek Sinare.

His scenes videos, Instagram pictures and tutorial blogs all work together to build a level of understanding among his viewers. Humbleness and commercial zeitgeist has made him a much sought after creative partner in the industry.  He has been described as subversive, conceptual and sharp, it is iconic Tanzanian photographer acclaimed for his photography style. Osse Greca Sinare is amongst the people who have able to transform a part-time passion into a career.

His OGS Studios has completed projects many Tanzanian hip-hop artists. His budding photographers get 5-minute lessons in shoot design. Osse Greca Sinare found the loophole: social media. Now his blogs are more than just free advertising, because he uses digital tools to build communities across borders. Tanzanian artists are not know for risk taking, and nation still holds tight to many of its conservative beliefs.

He spent his high school years in Swaziland, and then pursued a tertiary degree in Business Computing, before finding graphic design and photography. After two years of building the reputation, now Osse Greca Sinare can use a t-shirt because clients already seen the work he create. For him, when you are in one place that had becomes blurry, travelling helps with refining what vision is.

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