TRANSFORMABLE FASHION – Ximena Valero: When clothes can be worn in multiple ways

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Traditional Mexican clothing combines native and European elements The fibers of choice across the country are cotton, bark and agave, as well as wool and silk, but the deep cultural roots in Mexico uncover unique traditional outfits found nowhere else. In ancient times Aztec women were taught to weave by hand (primarily used cotton or ayate fiber), and their lothing of was often loose fitting and colorful. Huipil tunics (adorned with ribbons, lace, and other intricate designs), are traditional garments that date back to the indigenous women of central Mexico. Another iconic piece of clothing is the Poncho. If you are looking local dress, Ximena Valero a special Mexican fashion designer.

She is Mexican Fashion Designer winner of the 2007 International Award for Designer at Miami’s Fashion Week. Born in Mexico City into a May day, 1977 (to a school teacher and a plastic surgeon), her parents moved to Tijuana, where at the age of 8, Ximena Valero started studying fashion during summer breaks. Fashion design grew to be her passion, eventually leading her to become a student of fashion design. In her early 20s, as creative director she and a group of creative friends opened a fashion photography studio in San Diego, where they offered photography services to aspiring models.

In the late 1990s, Ximena Valero started designing women’s apparel in her first workshop in Tijuana. In 1999, she was offered and accepted a paid internship in the design department at Victoria’s Secret & Limited Brands. She started working as a free-lance fashion designer and in 2006, she moved back to the Tijuana-San Diego area, developing new designs incorporating Frida Kalhlo’s look. She has been featured on a number of television and internet programs. Her major contribution to fashion was women’s apparel that can be worn in many different ways (she was running out of clothes, so repurposed what she had). Then, Ximena Valero went on to design a long line of Transformable Fashion women’s outfits that can be worn in multiple ways. By 2007, she moved to Los Angeles, where she has appeared in several Fashion Week shows (around Latin America and the US).

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