PERCEPTION IS DIFFICULT TO DESCRIBE – Hazel Larsen Archer: Watching has always been a part of my life. I do not know why

When she started taking pictures, she was an observer

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She was born in Milwaukee (Wisconsin), into an April day, 1921, growing up with two brothers and a sister. Having contracted polio Hazel Larsen Archer studied at home. During her years at Black Mountain College, she also studied with photographers Beaumont Newhall and Nancy Newhall. After graduation, she became that school’s first full-time teacher of photography.

She married and continued to live in Black Mountain city, where she opened a studio and took mostly family portraits. In 1956, they moved Arizona, where Hazel Larsen Archer operated a free-lance photography studio, living in Tucson until 1975, when she moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. She made portraits of teachers and students, including a dancer she photographed in sequences of images, communicating movement through space and time.

Black Mountain College gets the attention, because it had a profound impact on the arts in America in the latter half of the 20th century. Not as well known as a photographer but far more important for Black Mountain College was Hazel Larsen Archer. She documented in her own photography the life of the College and the people who made Black Mountain College the unique educational institution it turned out to be. She died in Tucson into a May day, 2001. Her photographs are managed by Black Mountain College Museum Arts Center

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