LIKE LIGHT, THAT ENCOUNTERS A SPIDER WEB – Atta Kim: Where photographic work compresses and narrates time.

Long-exposure photography, where real time is the most surreal of all.

Despite the left hand drive, you will realised that South Korea is perfect for those of you who love road trips, where there are plenty of things to see along the coastal routes. The beauty of Geoje from its endless coasts lined, with beach coves and pine forested cliffs. By observing this boundless landscape, you too will certainly understand the reasons that have fueled the photographic creativity of a man born in these places.

He has exhibited his work internationally. He was born on Geoje Island (South Korea) in 1956, becoming active photographer since the mid-1980s. While water becomes clouds by evaporation, and becomes the life of the ground by rain, for ATTA KIM, ice is a fascinating material that reflects between infinite and finiteness. It tells the basic rule of world: nothing is eternal. Ice becomes water, and water becomes life.

Every single existing being in the universe will eventually disappear. So, he tried to compare this concept to the nature of photography. As prolific artist, he stands at the forefront of the Korean art scene. His work constantly seeks to push the boundaries of photography, as a medium. Through the lens of Zen Buddhism, ATTA KIM explores photographically notions of identity, time, and existence, drawing influences from a variety of different schools of thought.

He employ very long exposures to make all the moving objects within a scene disappear. To emphasise the value of existence, he use long exposure, superimposing and ice as an object. For him the work of art exists as memory, whereTime makes everything alive or dead. ATTA KIM feel a round stone is the face of round time, while a broken stone is the face of broken time. A stone, a tree, and youself are the face of time.

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