WHEN THE GOAL IS TO FUSE BHANGRA AND HIP-HOP – Paniabj MC / A British recording artist of Punjabi ethnicity.

As he said: I’d rather smoke crack, than eat cheese from a tin.

To get its real taste you need to venture out of the cities, to discover the simplicity and charm of rural life. Punjab http://punjabtourism.gov.in/#/home is one of India’s most prosperous states, home to bhangra music and the brotherhood of the Sikh religion. Amritsar is a must-visit place (due to the exquisite Golden Temple), looks arresting at night when it’s beautifully lit up with its imposing pure gold dome illuminated. Chandigarhhas some interesting attractions, but the highlight is the extraordinary 25 acre Fantasy Rock Garden, where a artist used all kinds of waste to personally create a multitude of quirky sculptures.

Bhangra began as a part of harvest festival celebrations. Bhangra is a form of folk music and dance that originates from Punjab. People traditionally performed Bhangra (when celebrating the harvest.) singing Punjabi Boliyaan lyrics, while at least one person plays the the dhol drum. One of his main goals, is to fuse the two worlds (Bhangra and hip-hop). PANJABI MC adopted his stage name from the Punjabi language he used in the music he plays and rapping.

In 2002 crossed cultural airwaves with their song “Mundian To Bach Ke“, that went on to become a breakout international smash hit in at least 15 countries. He is best known for the hit, “Mundian To Bach Ke” of 1998 (10 million copies worldwide), making it one of the best-selling singles of all time. He is a British recording artist of Punjabi ethnicity.  Rajinder Singh Rai, better known by his stage name PANJABI MC, http://www.panjabi-mc.com/ it’s born into a February day, 1973. “Mundian To Bach Ke”, was already an underground hit when German record company (thanks to downloads on the Internet), picked it up and it became a major hit in Germany and then in the rest of Europe.

MUNDIAN TO BACH KE / ATTENTION TO THE BOYSIt’s the Roc in the building. Calib, Ramel, Tarrell in the house. Mimian to but the tiri bachin akilar. Baleri ke muki ale bachin akilaaaaar. Yes, live from the United States. Brooklyn New York its ya boy, young. Mimian to but the tiri bachin akilar. Baleri ke muki ale bachin akilaaaaar. The Neptunes is in the house. I’ll retari nakesiri ona tar. The Mundian to bach ke Rahi, as soon as the beat drop. We got the streets locked. Over sees at budjabi mc and the roc. I came to see the mamis in the spot. On the count of three drop your body like it’s hot. One, young, Two, you, want, to, Three, young hovs a snake charmer. Move your body like a snake mama. Make me wanna put the snake on you. I’m on my 8th summer still hot young’s the 8th wonder. All I.

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