THE CONFIDENT – Helene Gremillon / A woman destined very young to literature.

When a letter arrives every Tuesday, with the sequel to a gripping story.

Here was born the writer of a well-known novel translated into twenty languages. City Centre Has a small square which is surrounded by cafes, where you can sit down with a glass of wine or coffee. Its “Macaroons from Montmorillon” (a local speciality delicious with a coffee or tea), will be special as a gift. These can be found at Rannou Metivier (30, rue des cordeliers and 13bis, rue des cordeliers, in Poitiers’ town centre).

She had studies Letters, obtaining a master’s degree, then turns to history. HELENE GREMILLON was born in a February day, 1977 in Poitiers. The Confident, her first novel, was published in 2010, quickly becoming a bestseller translated into twenty languages. Reading, you will discover a delicate love story that tells the life of a woman who, after the death of her mother, receives a letter from an unknown sender. For her novel, she won numerous prizes (such as the Prix Montalembert and the Prix Emmanuel-Roblès). On the private side, she married a singer in 2012, after meeting him in 2004, during a show in which she worked as a journalist. She had changed creative scenery in her second novel (La Garçonnière), a novel inspired by a real drama happening in Argentina, in 1987.

This novel combines historical narrative and psychological suspense, in an implacable scenario. Into The Confidant, you can know Paris, in 1975, where, while sifting through condolence letters after her mother’s death, Camille finds a missive that she assumes came by mistake. Every Tuesday, brings another installment from a man separated from his first love, in the years before World War II. Awaiting Camille’s discovery is the other side of the story, one that reveals the devastating consequences of revenge.

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