FRANCES HODKINGS (1869/1947), NEW ZEALAND PAINTER – A singular artist

I feel that if I had known what was before me, I should never have had the courage to begin

FRANCES HODGKINS was born in Dunedin, the daughter of a lawyer and amateur painter. As a girl, she and her sister attended a private girls’ secondary school, demonstrating artistic talent early. After attended the Dunedin School, she became an art teacher, earning money to study in England. Between 1908 and about 1928, her subject changed, also continuing to paint people, street and harbour scenes.

FRANCES HODGKINS is regarded as one of New Zealand’s most revered artists, because with a career that spanned over 50 years, her works capture the spirit of an era. During her 1930s and 1940s time in Britain, she became one of the leaders of the English avant-garde movement. With a professional life that spanned fifty-six years, she was one of the foremost artists of her generation. In 1893 she studied with the artist Girolamo Pieri Nerli, who encouraged her in portraiture and figure painting.

From 1895-96, FRANCES HODHKINS attended Dunedin School of Art. In Europe, she held her first solo show at the Paterson’s Gallery in London in 1907, then moved to Paris in 1908. She spent the rest of her life in Britain, because of World War II, continuing to paint into her seventies. She died in Dorchester, on a May day. Into the Auckland Art Gallery you can discover paintings and drawings by Frances Hodgkins.

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