To make the invisible visible

ROBERTO MATTA 1/3 – Born in Santiago of Chile in 1911, he decided to study architecture at the Universidad Católica de Santiago. After studying architecture in 1934, he moved to Paris, contacting intellectuals such as Federico García Lorca, André Breton and Salvador Dalí. He is one of the great pioneers of modernist abstraction, with epic paintings depicting the inner workings of the human psyche. He was one of the first painters to attempt to visually depict the complexities of the human psyche in abstract forms, to make the invisible visible.

  1. ROBERTO MATTA 2/3 – He was a groundbreaking Chilean artist, who prefigured Abstract Expressionism7 with surreal and monumental works. As you can perceive, his works offer up a dreamlike landscape of the psyche, suggesting an encounter with the sublime. His canvases may be regarded as windows into sacred landscapes. He worked to picture the battlefield inside of us, with the fear against courage. At the beginning of World War II he fled to New York, exerting great influence on Jackson Pollock. “A Grave Situation”, un suo dipinto del 1946, è esposto a Chicago nel Museum of Contemporary Art.

ROBERTO MATTA 3/3 – Everything in his paintings is psychological. His handling of paint and his poetic, make his works stand out as pre-eminent masterpieces of 20th century. His approach seems to be congruent with the tradition of viewing landscape as an experience of the sublime. His works are exhibited in the most important museums in the world. “There Figures”, a painting of 1958, is exhibited in Paris in the Center M.T. Abraham for Visual Arts.

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