NOTHING TO MY NAME – Cui Jian, Chinese songwraiter

His was a family of Korean musicians (trumpet father in an orchestra and mother dancer in a dance troupe). He started as a trumpeter and in 1981 he was admitted to the Beijing Philharmonic Orchestra. Born in Beijing in August 1961, he is considered the pioneer of rock music in China, and is also labeled as “the father of Chinese rock.” He got to know western rock music and began studying guitar, leaving inspiration from Simon and Garfunkel and John Denver. Its location is west of Tiananmen Square and the Great Hall of the People (right near the Forbidden City). Visiting Beijing, you can discover the 2,398 seats of Opera House (an elliptical dome of titanium and glass, surrounded by an artificial lake). that represents the most magnificent part of the Theater. The stage can be pushed, moved, lifted, lowered or rotated swiftly and can accommodate changes in lighting.

CUI JIAN is a singer and musician known as “Old Cui”. In 1984 he formed his first band – whose members were classical musicians – influenced by Beatles, Rolling Stones and Talking Heads. His fame, however, began in 1986, when he brought the song Nothing to My Name to a musical talent show. In 1989, he reached the pinnacle of success during Tiananmen Square protests, when his song became the hymn of protesting students.

NOTHING TO MY NAMEI have asked endlessly, when will you go with me? But you always laugh at me, for having nothing to my name. I want to give you my dreams and my freedom, but you always laugh at me, for having nothing. Oh! When will you go with me? Oh! When will you go with me? The ground beneath my feet is moving, the water by my side is flowing, but you always laugh at me, for having nothing. Why is your laughter never enough? Why do I always have to chase you? Could it be that in front of you I forever have nothing to my name. Oh! When will you go with me? Oh! When will you go with me? I tell you I’ve waited a long time, I give you my final request, I want to take your hands, and then you’ll go with me. This time your hands are trembling, this time your tears are flowing. Could it be that you’re telling me, you love me with nothing to me name? Oh! Now you will go with me!

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