HELENE SCHJERFBECK 1/3 – Her childhood had been obscured by sad events, as at the age of four he fell, limping through her entire life. She, born July 10 in Helsinki, came from an old Swedish family. His father was a railroad, but by dying prematurely there were financial problems in the family, for this her mother began to take retirement home. At age 16, she joined a French school, continuing her studies in Paris. During her stay in Paris, she had moved away from the national romance of the Scandinavian colleagues, realizing her own artistic identity.

HELENE SCHJERFBECK 2/3 – She spent the winter of 1883 in Brittany, and later lived in a colony of artists in St Ives (Cornwall). She also traveled to Italy (Florence, Fiesole and Siena). In 1890 she started teaching at Art Society drawing school. Her style had changed a lot during her life. It had been defined as realistic, romantic, impressionist, symbolic and expressionist, but she was especially famous for her self-portrayal. In 1901, she began to become very sick and unable to teach, but the following year she had to resign from her post as a teacher, because her health conditions had deteriorated.

HELENE SCHJERFBECK 3/3 – She lived for 40 years in small Finnish centers, then went to a Swedish wellness center, where she lived until her death. Her works depict the lives of children and women. She painted women at work, using models for her mother and other close people. She also used photographs as a source of inspiration. The EKTA Museum http://ektamuseum.fi/index.php/briefly-in-english is in the heart of Tammisaari. In its museum hall you will have plenty of information about life and history of the area of Raasepori, including the historic interiors. One of his permanent exhibitions tells the life and art of the famous Finnish painter Helene Schjerfbeck.

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