GOPAL SWAMI KHETANCHI 1/3 – He hails from Sardarshahar town (in Churu district), and his father was a painter who worked as an art teacher. His appreciation of India’s history remains evident throughout his paintings. He grew up in Rajasthan and ventured into painting at the age of 15 (starting with portraits). He was inspired by the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and Ingres. His works with oil on canvas, and has been doing so since 1971.

GOPAL SWAMI KHETANCHI 2/3 – He is known for painting Rajput women and Rajasthani village women. To him, Rajasthani beauty has an essence that appeals like nothing else, and the way the women dress borders on covering their body and showing it off. His works span from Romanticism to deep Realism. His paintings have been displayed at exhibitions in Jaipur and New Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai and London. Distinguishing features of his style are swiftness of drawing. Hailing from an artistic family in north Rajasthan, he is an Indian painter based in Jaipur.

GOPAL SWAMI KHETANCHI 3/3 – He studied fine art in Jaipur, working for some time as an assistant art director in Bollywood. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drawing and Painting from University of Rajasthan in Jaipur, developing his painting skills in Mumbai, working on film sets. He lives in Jaipur, where he works from his studio. His work saw several phases (like Realism, Surrealism and Abstraction), before ending in a combination of traditional and modern art.

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