AHMET GUNESTEKIN (1966), TURKISH VISUAL ARTIST – Charming colours, intricately combined layers and the tales of the ancient times.


AHMET GUNESTEKIN 1/3 – This famous Kurdish self-taught artist was born in Batman, Turkey in 1966. He began to paint at the age six, winning a prize in just three years. His first art exhibition was the one of Batman in 1982. What he creates, embraces a broad expressive horizon: from painting to sculpture and to conceptual art. In 1991, he came to Istanbul, maturing artistic fullness in the early 2000s. Http://ahmetgunestekin.com/?lang=en Extremely attracted to narrative abstraction, he lets the memory of objects within his frame of mind expressiveness. From 2013, he entered the international art market https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5iApYFoO8w

AHMET GUNESTEKIN 2/3 – After applying a coat of black acrylic paint, he chromates every oil paint space. In the second stage of construction, it is a rubber tip pen that affects the paint. His works seem to range from legends to mythology, but always with a stylized figurative expression. They are composed of charming colours, intricately combined layers, and the tales of the ancient times. The Kurdish artist thinks that mythology is the source of all beginnings. Characters, symbols and scenes enter his pages without pages, symbolically intertwining on the themes of existenciality. Mesopotamia, where the artist was born, and Anatolia, the mythological creatures such as Phoenix or the Peacock Angel, form his most important source of inspiration.

AHMET GUNESTEKIN 3/3 – His oil painting method is similar to the knit patient embroidery, where light and colors generate complex chromatic geometries. His creative accomplishments resemble historical works of art. Participating in numerous collective exhibitions and artistic activities, he also made 90 personal exhibitions. In 2005 he founded the Petrol and Art Museum, continuing to work in his Istanbul laboratory. https://www.artsy.net/artist/ahmet-gunestekin-1

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