POMPEO GIROLAMO BATONI (1708/1787), ITALIAN PAINTER – Portraits and elaborate mythological allegories


POMPEO GIROLAMO BATONI 1/3 – He was born in Lucca (Italy), studied design at the paternal shop and painted under the direction of two famous painters of his town. In 1728 he was in Rome, where he studied Raffaello and designed Roman statues. His first painting (Madonna with Child and Saints) conquered the commission of paintings with its religious and mythical subject. In 1737 he was commissioned to paint a triumphant Venice (now in New York, Kress Foundation). Painting called “The Estaste of St. Catherine of Siena” is on display in National Museum of Villa Guinigi in Lucca http://www.luccamuseinazionali.it/it/guinigi/museo-nazionale-di-villa-guinigi

POMPEO GIROLAMO BATONI 2/3 – In the years when he worked for the Marquis Merenda, his interests and sympathies are manifold, even under the influence of French classicism (you can look Marquis Merenda’s portrait in the Pinacoteca di Forli). Painted gently pink, rascal and velvety epidermis, the search for beautiful shape became in his painting similar to an idolizing of female beauty. In 1744 he performed the portrait of a British noble (currently in Dublin, in the National Gallery). With his portraits of popes and emperors, he gained international fame as the best Italian painter. https://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/artists/pompeo-girolamo-batoni

POMPEO GIROLAMO BATONI 3/3 – In what he painted, you can also feel his sympathy for the melodrama, because his characters express themselves psychologically through gestures and expressions. Part of his production consists of portraits. Gallery of characters you can admire also in Poland as Alessandra Potocka (National Museum of Krakow), or Isabella Potocka (Warsaw, National Museum). Http://www.mnw.art.pl/en/ His interest in the human figure was masterfully achieved in portraiture, which is the basis of his success in the English world. He died in Rome in 1787.

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