FOLLOW YOUR HEART– Novel, by Susanna Tamaro

Susanna Tamaro is an Italian writer, born in 1957. She was born in Trieste and is a distant relative of the writer Italo Svevo. She was graduated as a director of the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome. In 1981 she completed her first novel, rejected by publishers. She had moved to Umbria for reasons of health. Here, after years of silence, in 1994 she published a novel “Follow your heart”, partly ignored by literary criticism, but has sold millions of copies all over the world. She also wrote prayer books (with positions close to those of the Catholic world), but she denies being Catholic. Simply, she believes in God but not in the rites of the Church.

An international bestseller Follow your heart is a bittersweet, heartwarming novel spanning generations and teaching the universal truths about life, love, and what lies within each of us. From the very first pages, you can feel the novel is written as a letter or confession, which an elderly lady wrote to her granddaughter, revealing old memories, which overwhelmed her family. There you can find the story of Olga, a girl of Jewish origin, restless and intelligent, spending her youth immersed in a romantic idea of love. Later through the eyes of a woman nearing the end of her days, we come to understand what life experience has taught her:  that no matter what the stakes, we must look within ourselves and gather the courage to follow our hearts.

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