LOOK WHICH CAN TURN INTO A PENETRATING SEDUCTION – Malcolm Liepke, among loving mothers and seductive girls

MALCOLM LIEPKE 1/3 – He was born in 1953 and raised in Minneapolis. He studied at the Art Center College of Design (in Pasadena, California), but dropped out after a year and a half, moving to New York, where he began studying on his own. Through his subjects he delves into various realms of human nature. He paints from photographs (working in a humid technique on wet), building layers of oil painting without drying between them. His work is concerned with exploring the engagement between subject and viewer.

MALCOLM LIEPKE 2/3 –He uses loose brushstrokes and a dusty gray skin tone, permeating portraits with a fleshy sensuality. In his paintings you can observe: the delicacy of a mother and the innocence of a girl, but also the sensuality of expression. His works depict elegant women, portrayed in innocent yet provocative manner. Compositional and tonal nods to the likes of Singer Sargent, the patterns and textures of Vuillard, result in a combination, which defines his identity as a contemporary painter.

MALCOLM LIEPKE 3/3 – Beauty is in the way he explores human nature, even with a look, which can turn into a penetrating seduction. In his paintings, you can admire women depicted comprise of the innocent girl next door, set aside glamorous fashionistas. His paintings have been exhibited at The National Academy of Design, The Pastel Society of America, The National Arts Club and The Hudson Valley Arts Association.
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