AUSTRALIAN MUSIC ARTISTS YOU NEED TO KNOW – Brightest stars of history and those of 2017 The distinctive themes of Australia’s bush music can be traced to the songs sung by the convicts who were sent to Australia during the early period of the British colonisation, but the music of Australia has an extensive history. Indigenous Australian music is a part of the unique heritage of history, which produced the iconic didgeridoo.

Contemporary fusions of Indigenous and Western styles mark distinctly Australian contributions to world music. Indigenous Australian music refers to the music of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders (contemporary Indigenous Australian music, has covered numerous styles, including reggae, rock and roll, country and hip hop). The early roots of Australian country are related to specific folk traditions (Ireland, England, Scotland and many diverse nations).

Among the brightest stars of early Australian rock and roll belongs Col Joye and Johnny O’Keefe AC/DC are an Australian hard rock band (formed by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, until Malcolm’s illness and departure in 2014). Commonly referred to hard rock band, they are also considered pioneers of heavy metal

The Australian rock band INXS (formed as The Farriss Brothers in 1977 in Sydney), began to play covers in Western Australian pubs. Mainstays of the band, Andrew Farriss on keyboards, Jon Farriss on drums, Tim Farriss on guitar, Kirk Pengilly on guitar and saxophone, Garry Gary Beers on bass (and main lyricist Michael Hutchence, on vocals). Do you prefer listening hot hits of this year? Here are few Australian top female artists: Kita Alexander, is a female Australian singer (her debut single, “My Own Way” gained national airplay).

Another standout artist is Meg Mac. She is striking performer, stunning vocalist and general lady killing it in the fashion stakes. Songwriter Ayla has been a name being spoken about more and more in recent times. and Ayla’s music has been circulating through Europe.

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