PATRICK KRAMER, AMERICAN PAINTER – Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings

PATRICK KRAMER 1/3 – He is a painter by profession (a perfectionist by nature). It’s no wonder he got drawn to realism, where everything need to be just right, in order for it to be convincing. He is a hyper realistic painter originally from Kaysville (Utah), the youngest child of German immigrants. Working from photos, he paint whatever captures his interest (still lives and portraits, city scenes or landscapes).

PATRICK KRAMER 2/3 – After graduating from Brigham Young University in 2008 with a major in art, he has been painting professionally ever since. Painting full-time, a piece can take anywhere from 50 – 300 hours (which depends on the size and complexity). Becoming more and more detailed, his work began to rival that of the photograph. For him, the appeal of representational painting (since the advent of photography), is due in a large part to the painting process.

PATRICK KRAMER 3/3 – Although the image may come to resemble an ordinary photograph, a psychological intensity can be felt in the handmade work, with the myriad of artistic decisions lie behind the creation of the image. In his work, he hope the viewer senses this tension between photography and the handmade, the ubiquitous and the unique.

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