THREE SHADES OF CHINESE CREATIVITY – When the sensitivity walk inside the soul brushes

chinese-painters-cover-1Why are the Chinese so creative? Maybe you know that the Chinese, are known for skill in carving ornate ivory items, and cutting paper patterns and human hair pictures. Yes, everyone also knows the Chinese use Chinese characters in their language, but maybe the Chinese brain is more geared towards the artistic than the rest of the world. Of it all – observing paintings by Chinese artists – we need to remember, when we look at fruits of their artistic creativity.

chinese-painters-2-1LIU YUANSHOU – Striking emotions, in Chinese red theme. He is award-wining Chinese painter, who studied oil painting in the Capital Normal University of Beijing. His paintings are dominated with realistic portraits with striking emotions in Chinese red theme.

LIU XIAODONG – When society and art should be like breathing in and out. He is a painter of modern life, whose large-scale works serve as a kind of history painting, for the emerging world. He locates the human dimension to such global issues as population displacement, but through orchestrated compositions, he walks the line between artifice and reality.

YIFEI CHEN – To work in oil painting, rendering combined sense of romanticism and realism. He is a central figure in the development of Chinese oil painting, and is one of China’s most renowned contemporary artists. In his oil paintings, he abandoned his uncritical glorification of the party, to blend realistic technique and romanticism with Chinese subject matter.



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