The surrealist painters, even in Australia, they express the energy and enthusiasm of expressive vitality. Among these artists, skilled in combining sublime painting with the enthusiasm, we also wanted to collect some of their creative suggestions. Not always what you perceive corresponds to what you see. Observing what they paint, you will never forget this basic concept. Four Australian surrealist painters, help you discover your sleeping abilities. Let yourself go to their suggestions. Enter the world of Jim Tsinganos, Joel Rea, Jeffrey Smart and Colin Staples.jim_tsinganos_2_1

Jim Tsinganos characters, come in various sizes, but most of his images are based in the real world. His illustrations distantly remind of Goncalo Viana’s work (for their rich, vivid colours). Surrealist, Conceptual painter and Illustrator. He is Australian, with more than 25 years of editorial experience in illustration and collaborations with Time, Penguin Books, Amnesty International and many other newspapers and international brands.joel_rea_3_1

Joel Rea is an artist able to broadcast to a large audience his art. Born in 1983, he calls himself a surrealist painter who observes dreams, journeys and moments of life. In 2004 he exhibited for the first time in his creations, to share with other people the meanings of the human condition and vigorous pulse of the planet. For his paintings, he observes the life and emotions of his peers. He preferred to paint with oil paint, creating impressive realistic works, a free view, you too seem photographs. Its atmosphere, along with vivid colors, seem to remember something of Dali.jeffrey_smart_4_1

Jeffrey Smart, surrealist painter who lived in the Tuscan countryside, has turned away from us at the age of 91 years. Grew up with the ambition to become an architect, he had embarked on a painting career, with a mix of surrealistic space surrounded by urban modernity. Looking at what he has painted, you can see that his technique recovers from photography the ability to make you move, even with the light. Great was his ability to see the beauty in the banal manifestation of life. Yes, maybe in what he has created there is something De Chirico, because its patina of realism was also placed on his paintings.colin_staples_5_1

Colin Staples? He loves to paint with acrylics. For him, art and visual imagery has always been a vital driving force within the life. It is where he instinctually connects with the beauty (and character of each subject), he puts on canvas. Although his love for art has existed since his early childhood years,the concepts behind his art have been largely influenced by years of studying martial arts and it‘s philosophy of shedding the ego. After many years of painting, he continues to feel a passion and calling toward abstraction with the focus on maintaining the essence and integrity of the soul before him.logo-meeting-benches

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